Archie…Archie Andrews, Where Are You? Digest Magazine #17

Archie     February, 1981

Snow Day; Betty and Veronica: The Meanest Girl in Town; Fade In, Fade Out; Li’l Jinx: On Ice; Reggie: Star Struck; Little Archie: Real Sports; Li’l Jinx: Making Her Mark; Can Do; Katy Keene: What Stallion Silver; Li’l Jinx: Appetizer; Veronica: Stage Fright; Big Put-Down; Li’l Jinx: Stick Trick; Black Book Bluff; The Closet Caper!; The Unhappy King (text story); Freeze Tease; Who is Sybil Floon?; Jughead: Letter Looney; The Neighbors!; Reggie: The Head Man; Jughead: Bold Cold; My Hero!; Jughead: Civic Duty; Betty and Veronica: Great Skate

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