Amazing Heroes #200

Fantagraphics     April, 1992

All Comics Issue; Most articles are in comic strip form

Editorial; Perspective; The Amazing Cynicalman Looks at Comics; Newsline; Coming Distractions; Sneak Preview: Understanding Comics; Ty Templeton Funnies; Fans!; Dateline:@?#!; Tales From the Gall; The Collector!; Andy Mangels Backstage; A Few Words with Larry Marder: Loosley adapted from an interview by Jeffrey Lang; Don Rosa’s Cover Gallery; Reviews; Favorites; Violent American Louts; Valiant; From Stan The Man To Jim The Him?; Marvel; Groo’s Tenth: Did I Era?; DC; Warlord: What is it Good For?Silly Cover; Strom’s Index

 Tom Harrington, Matt Feazell, Scott McCloud, Ty Templeton, Fred Hembeck, Adam Troy-Castro, Andy Mangels, Jeffrey Lang, Larry Marder, Don Rosa, T.M. Maple, Jason Sacks, Alex Chun, Dave Strom

 Pat Moriarity, Matt Feazell, Scott McCloud, Ty Templeton, Fred Hembeck, Chas Gillen, Brian Buniak, Larry Marder, Mark Martin, T.S. Wood

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