Epic Illustrated #19

Epic     August, 1983

Generation Zero: Desert Hunt; Marghineé; Jabberwocky; Mediaview; The Art of Vaugn Bodé; Tales of the Yellow Hat; Hero’s Rest; The Cygnus Portfolios; The Last of the Dragons: The Meeting Place; Mythology of an Abandoned City: The Sleepwalker; Bossy; Survivor

 Pepé Moreno, Archie Goodwin, Mary Jo Duffy, Bo Hampton, Denny O’Neil, Vaughn Bodé, Jean Bello, Carl Potts, Jon J. Muth, Rick Veitch, Pat Boyette

 Pepé Moreno, Bo Hampton, Garret Lavin, Vaughn Bodé, Mark Bodé, Jean Bello, Barry Windsor-Smith, Jeff Jones, Robert Gould, Carl Potts, Jon J. Muth, Rick Veitch, Pat Boyette

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