Pep #1

Archie     January, 1940

1st appearance of The Shield (Joe Higgins); 1st appearance of The Comet (John Dickering); 1st appearance Kayo Ward; 1st appearance of The Queen of Diamonds; 1st appearance Midshipman (Lee Samson); 1st appearance Press Guardian (Perry Chase); 1st appearance Bentley of Scotland Yard; 1st appearance Fu Chang; Origin of The Comet (John Dickering); Origin of The Queen of Diamonds

The Shield! G-Man Extraordinary; The Coming of the Comet; Jocko; Introducing Sergeant Boyle; The Rocket Lands; Dual with the Dragon; Murderer’s Brew (text), Mystery of the Mayfair Monster; Klondike Cafe Robbed; The Rivalry; A Boxer is Born

 Harry Shorten, Jack Cole, Dick Ryan, Lin Streeter, Will Harr, Jack Binder, Phil Sturm

 Irv Novick, Jack Cole, Dick Ryan, Lin Streeter, Jack Binder, Edd Ashe, Phil Sturm

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