Mam Tor: Event Horizon #1 Variation A

Mam Tor     May, 2005

Liam Sharpe cover

Fucking Savages; Vanishing Herd; The Gallows God; Machivarius Point; Sheriff 13; A Trace of Fragile Bliss; Vengeance; Chase Variant; Trip-Tick; The Cure; Heinrich Manoeuvre’s H.e.a.d. Trip!; Worm Cast; Oneironaut; Mongrel Cortex; The True Adventures of Jed Lightsear, Space Pirate!

 Steve Niles, Dan Wickline, Brian Holguin, Roger M. Cormack, Ali Powers, Karl Spracklen, Rich Johnston, Shane McCarthy, Chris Weston, John Bamber, Ralph Raims, Liam Sharp

 Liam Sharp, Kody Chamberlain, Dave Kendall, Ashley Wood, Emma Simcock-Tooth, Kev Crossley, Saverio Tenuta, Gary Erskine, Cardinal, Chris Weston, Samuel Araya, Tom Muller, John Howard, Bagwell, Lee Carter

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