Nemo #2

Fantagraphics     August, 1983

Reprints early script by Siegel and Shuster; Reprints Terry and the Pirates strip; Features Interview with Jerry Siegel,and Joe Shuster; 66 pages

The Birth of Superman: Of Supermen and Kids With Dreams; The Reign of the Superman; A History of Superhero Strips in the Newspapers: Leaping Tall Buildings, Falling On Faces Waiting for a Boat to Civilization: Caniff’s Great Pirate Episode Concludes; Another Origin: The Comic Strip: Max, Maurice, and Willie; Western Art in the Funnies: On the Range, The Western Art of Fred Harman; Penmen of the Past: Art Young

 Tom Andrae, Geoffrey Blum, Gary Coddington, Jerry Siegel, Ron Goulart, Milton Caniff, Bill Blackbeard, Stan Lynde, Richard Marschall

 Joe Shuster, Milton Caniff, Fred Harman, Art Young

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