Captain Action: The Original Super-Hero Action Figure #1

TwoMorrows     December, 2002

Over-size; Trade paperback; 176 pages; Overview of Ideal toy and related comic book series; New foreword by Murphy Anderson

Acknowledgmentsa; Foreword; Introduction; A Call to ActionThe History of Captain Action; Like a Quicksilver of Lightning: The Captain Action Figure; Mysterious Man of Many Identities: Captain Actionís Super-Hero Costumes; Super Sidekick Supreme: Action Boy; LivingUp to His Name: Dr. Evil; Sisters are Doiní It for Themselves: The Super Queens; Armed for Action: Captain Actionís Arsenal and Peripherals; Let Justice be Done!: Captain Action in the Comics; Where the Action is: Collecting and Customizing Captain Action; The Action Never Ends: The Return of Captain Action; Afterword by Dr. Evil

 Michael Eury

 Murphy Anderson

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