Mad Classics #11

E.C.     November, 2006

Fools of Rock; When Corporate Sponsorship of Public Schools Goes too Far!; The Legend of Beggar Vance; Mads Fantabulaman-O-Lantern Stencil; James Bond Villains Pet Peeves; Spy vs. Spy; The Simpsons by the Numbers; The Lighter Side of…; In the Barlet West Wing… In the Bush West Wing Melvin & Jenkins’ Guide to Politics; Monroe &…Health Class; Angle; Mad’s Celebrity Cause-of-Death Betting Odds: George W. Bush; A Mad Look at Vanity; The Intimidator LX2000 Owner’s Manual; Know Your Ghosts; Mad’s Photo Personals Guide; Mad’s Rediscovered Covers; Mad’s Complete Guide to Shipping Your Aging Relative off to a Nursing Home; What is a Hollywood Liberal?; New Questions Based on the Stanley Kraplan SAT Prep Course; Mad Mumblings; Mad Marginals XL; Maimed Flesh Magazine; Legitimate Grips of Your Average Serial Killer; Drek-ula; What Else is Physically Wrong with Vice-President Dick Cheney?; Drawn Out Dramas

 The Usual Gang of Idiots

 The Usual Gang of Idiots, Sergio Aragonés

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