Comic Book Artist #10

TwoMorrows     October, 2000

The Gods and Goddesses of Comics; Women and the Comics: A Celebration; Old Gods and New

Trina Robbins Interview: Woman Of Wonder; The Great Women Cartoonistsí Slumber Party Of 1999; Marie Severin Interview: Mary Fleener Talks To Severin; Cba Commentary: What Does A White Dyke Write Like?; Hilda Terry Interview: You Donít Die!; From The Vault: Tarpe Mills, Miss Fury And Albino Jo; Cba Commentary: Catwoman Vs. Hothead Paisan - Heroes In A Manís World?; Walter Simonson Interview: The Man Of Two Gods; John Workman Interview: Johnís Workmanship

 Jon B. Cooke, Trina Robbins, David Roach, Mary Fleener, Anne Thalheimer, Olga Abella

 Walt Simonson, Trina Robbins, Marie Severin, Ramona Fradon

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