Daily Bugle Civil War Newspaper Special #1

Marvel     September, 2006

Newspaper format; 12 pages

Bugle Photographer Reveals His True Indentity!; Stamford, After ‘New Warriors’ A City Looks to Heal, Wounds that Run Deep; ‘Shutting Down the Amatuers’ —Behind the Superhuman Registration Act; Whose Side Are You On?; Crowd ‘Provoked’ in Human Torch Attack; Villains Hunting Villains—Thunderbolts side with Registration Act; We Love You, Mary Jane; Wonder Who?; Supermodel Kill Krew?; Hammer Down!; Sticky Situation; Ex-Communist Party; Giant Robot Avengers?; Daddy Day Care; Mutant ‘Cable’ Offers Amnesty, Fleeing ‘Masks’ May Find Safe Haven; ‘Heroe’ Out to Make a Buck in Time of War; New Hero Training Program Begins Ex-Avengers Staff New Initiative; Potential Criminals or Political Prisoners?; Parker: You’re Fired!; Super Powers Do Not Equal Super Privileges; In Support of the Superhuman Registration Act; A Megan’s Law For Heroes? Outrageous!; Should Non-Super-Powered Vigilantes Be Required to Register With the Government?; Mutant Loudmouths Wax Unpatriotic; White House Vows to Capture So-Called ‘Punisher’; Teens at Risk in Super Heroe Behavior; Manhunt For Stamford Villain Continues

 Chris Baiocchi, Peter David, Justin Gray, Marc Guggenheim, Dave Hine, Jerome Maida, Jim McLauchlin, Clifford Meth, Terry Morrow, Brian Reed, Mike Sangiacomo, Dan Slott, J. Michael Straczynski, Zeb Wells

 Mike Mayhew

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