The Comic-Book Book #1 Hardcover

Krause     October, 1998

Published by Arlington Books

That’s Right! We’re Back Again!; The Rehabilitation Of Eel O’Brian; Mickey Mouse And The Phantom Artist; The Propwash Patrol; Frankenstein Meets The Comics; Blue Suit, Blue Mask, Blue Gloves- And No Socks; It’s Magic; The Propwash Patrol Flies Again; The Duck Man; Of (Super) Human Bondage; Lords Of The Jungle; The Spawn Of The Son Of M.C. Gaines; Kill! Hissed The Villian As I Shuddered And Listened; The Second Banana Strikes Again

 Richard Lupoff, Don Thompson, Maggie Thompson, Bill Blackbeard, Don Glut, Dick O’Donnell, Mike Barrier, Juanita Coulson, Camille E. Cazedessus Jr., Chris Steinbrunner, Ron Goulart

 Will Eisner, Jack Davis, Jack Cole, Dick Briefer, Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Syd Shores, Joe Maneely, Phil Davis, Howard Sherman, Reed Crandall, Carl Barks, Chuck Cuidera, Graham Ingels, Russ Manning, Rex Maxon, Harold R. Foster, Burne Hogarth, John Coleman, John Celardo, Joe Kubert, Johnny Craig

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