Not Brand Echh #11

Marvel     December, 1968


King Konk ’68; Super-Hero Daydreams; Dark Moon Rise, Heck Hound Hurt; It’s a Mad, Mad Ave!; The Puns of Will Bonnet; How To Be a Comic Book Artist!; Don’t Rock the Vote; Auntie Goose Rhymes Dept.; Ivanshmoe!; Fame Is a Cross-Eyed Blind Date With B-a-a-a-d Breath!

 Roy Thomas, Marie Severin, Arnold Drake, Stu Schwartzberg

 Tom Sutton, Marie Severin, Frank Springer, John Verpoorten

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United States tgooch79 $8.00  
United States MScheele $9.00 3.00 Cover bends (large creases or bends, possibly with color breaks)