Doctor Who Graphic Novel #7

Panini     May, 2007

Vol. 7: The Flood (The Complete Eighth Doctor Comic Strips Vol. 4); Reprints Doctor Who Magazine #329-353; Collects from Doctor Who Magazine #329-353; Trade paperback; 224 pages; Includes commentaries & extras with alternate part 8 of ‘’The Flood’’

Vol. 7: The Flood; Where Nobody Knows Your Name; Doctor Who and the Nightmare Game, Part 1; The Power of Thoueris!; The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack, Part 1; The Land of Happy Endings; Bad Blood, Part 1; Sins of the Fathers, Part 1; The Flood, Part 1; Commentary & Extras

 Scott Gray, Gareth Roberts

 Martin Geraghty, Lee Sullivan, John Ross, Adrian Salmon

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