Red Dwarf Smegazine (Vol. 2) #7

Fleetway Quality     November, 1993

Shipped with keychain attatched to cover

A mixture of 5 comic stories and articles on the BBC comedy science fiction series

Smegatorial; Home Of Last Causes, Part 2; News From The Dwarf; Chris Barrie On Red Dwarf VI; Ref Dwarf: The Skutters; Red Any Good Books Lately?; One for All; Don’t Say Cut, Say Pizza; Young Flibble 1; Rimmer’s Record; Tongue Tied & Taped!; The Special Effects, Part 1; The Asteroids!; News From The Omni-Zone; A Jake Bullet Mystery: The Case Of The Cop’s Comedown, Part 2; Kill Me Before I Die Again; The Guest Stars of Red Dwarf VI: Jenny Agutter; Red Dwarf For Sale!; Androids

 Nigel Kitching, Jane Killick, Andy P, Tom Eglington, Pat Kelleher, Steve Lyons, Adrian Rigelsford, Steve Noble, Joe Nazzaro

 Nigel Kitching, Glenn Rix, Rob Sharp, Carl Flint, Kev F. Sutherland

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