Heroes (DC) #1 Variation A - 2nd printing

DC     January 8, 2008

Hardcover; Collected Edition Dustjacket A by Alex Ross; Introduction by Masi Oka; Jeph Loeb interviewing Series writers Aron Eli Coleite and Joe Pokaski; Second printing

A Few Words from Masi Oka; Monsters; The Crane; Trial by Fire; Aftermath; Snapshots; Stolen Time; Control; Isaac’s First Time; Life Before Eden; Turning Point; Fathers and Daughters; Super-Heroics; Woreless, Part 1; Wireless, Part 2; How Do You Stop An Exploding Man?, Pt.1; How Do You Stop An Exploding Man?, Part 2; Bully; Road Kill; The Path of the Righteous; Hell’s Angel; Family Man; War Buddies, Part 1; The Lonestar File; Unknown Soldiers; Introductions; Call To Arms; String Theory; Walls, Part 1; The Death Of Hana Gitelman, Part 1; The Heroes Interview

 Aron Eli Coleite, Chuck Kim, Joe Pokaski, Oliver Grigsby, Pierluigi Cothran, Christopher Zatta, Andrew Chambliss, Harrison Wilcox, Jesse Alexander, Mark Warshaw, D.J. Doyle, Tim Keppler, Jeph Loeb

 Michael Turner, Koi Turnbull, Micah Gunnell, Marcus To, Travis Kotzebue, Jordan Kotzebue, Jason Badower, Staz Johnson, Michael Gaydos, Steven Lejeune, Adam Archer, Tom Grummett, Tim Sale

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