CARtoons (Petersen) #29

Petersen     June, 1966


A Kart Smart; Scarlet Streak; Words of Wisdumb; Fright Nightmare; Uncouth Youth; Fowl Up; Pix Just For Kix; Car Sick; Chain Pain; Laff City; Get Tuff!; Shakedown; Car Stints With Varmints; Dead End; Out-Maneuvered; Losers Can't Be Choosers; A Dog Eared Drama; The Saga of Swoopt Sails; Scarlet Streak; Believe It... Why Not?; The Shriek of Araby; Slot Slaughter

 Jerry Barnett, Jack Bonestell, Chuck Altizer, Nelson Dewey, Jim Willoughby, Carl Kohler

 Jerry Barnett, Phil Frank, Jake Thompson, Bob Tupper, Mike Arens, Dennis Ellefson, Jim Willoughby, Nelson Dewey, Jack Bonestell, Willie Ito, Fred Boatman

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