Simpsons Comics Presents Bart Simpson Book #3


Big Bratty Book of Bart Simpson; Collects Simpsons Comics Presents Bart Simpson #9-12; ca. 2004

Oh Bart, Where Art Thou?; A Chair of One’s Own; Bart’s Nasty Shirt; Cooking with Kang and Kodos; Prize Possession; Cyrano de Bart; Hill of Beans; Bartology 101; Bart’s Beard; Snow Brawl; Of Mice and Menace; Lunch Pales; The Madness of Milhouse; From Lichtenslava with Love; Tango Tangle; Bartzilla; Balloon Payment; An Anime Among Us!; Taming Your Child; Bart’s Anagrams; Scheme Supreme; Bart Fink and the Mighty Mississip

 Earl Kress, Tony Digerolamo, Chris Yambar, Sherri L. Smith, Robert L. Graff, Jesse Leon McCann, James W. Bates, Tracy Berna, Clint Johnson, George Gladir, Abby Denson

 Dan DeCarlo, Istvan Majoros, Ryan Rivette, Mike Worley, John Costanza, Francis Dinglasan, Joey Nilges, Oscar González Loyo, Kim Le, Horacio Sandoval, Mike Rote, Jason Ho, James Lloyd, Phil Ortiz

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