Barney Goggle and Snuffy Smith: 75 Years of an American Legend #1

Kitchen Sink     June, 1994

Comprehensive collection ever published of Billy DeBeck’s and Fred Lasswell’s classic comic strip; Over 250 Daily and Sunday strips; 176 pgs; B&W

Foreword; Introduction; Before Barney - DeBeck’s Early Years; Take Barney Google, F’rinstance; Spark Plug - Barney’s Brown-Eyed Baby; Off to the Races , 1923-1926; Melodrama & Mayhem , 1927-1934; The Life and Times of Billy DeBeck; Sut Lovingood and Snuffy Smith; Tetched in th’Haid , 1934-1945; Billy, Barney, Snuffy and Me; The Laswell Legacy , 1946 -; 75 Years Later ~ Barney Google & Snuffy Smith Today; Beyond Newsprint

 Brian Walker, Lucy Shelton Caswell, Billy DeBeck, M. Thomas Inge, Fred Lasswell, Bill Janocha

 Billy DeBeck, Fred Lasswell

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