Essential Iron Man #1 (4th printing)


Reprints Tales of Suspense #39-72; 2nd Edition First Printing; ca. 2005

Iron Man is Born!; Iron Man Versus Gargantus!; The Stronghold of Doctor Strange!; Trapped by the Red Barbarian; Kala, Queen of the Netherworld!; The Mad Pharaoh!; The Icy Fingers of Jack Frost!; Iron Man Faces the Crimson Dynamo!; Iron Man Battles the Melter!; The Mysterious Mr. Doll!; Meets the Angel!; The Hands of the Mandarin!; The Sinister Scarecrow; The Crimson Dynamo Strikes Again!; The Black Widow Strikes Again!; The Mandarinís Revenge!; No One Escapes the Mandarin!; All About Iron Man; More Info About Iron Man; The Uncanny Unicorn!; Hawkeye, the Marksman!; In Mortal Combat With Captain America!; Battling the Black Knight!; Suspected of Murder!; The Death of Tony Stark!; The Origin of the Mandarin!; Somewhere Lurks the Phantom!; Hawkeye and the New Black Widow Strike Again!; When Titans Clash!; If I Fail, A World is Lost!; Where Walks the Villains!; If a Man Be Mad!; If I Must Die, Let It Be With Honor!; Fight On! For a World Is Watching!; What Price Victory?; Hoorah for the Conquering Hero!

 Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Robert Bernstein, N. Korak, Al Hartley

 Don Heck, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Bruce Timm

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