The CBLDF Presents: Liberty Comics #2 Variation C

Image     October, 2009

The First Censor; Choker: Big Bad City, Big Bad World; Mr. Gum: Who Sell Out? You Sell Out?; Loverman; Channel Zero: Urban Combat; Origin of the Specious; Painkiller Jane: Explosive!; Jack Staff: Speechless; Martha Washington; I Beg Your Pardon; The Apocalipstix: Taboo Boogaloo; 100 Words

 Jason Aaron, Ben McCool, Jamie S. Rich, Paul Pope, Brian Wood, Kathryn Immonen, Jimmy Palmiotti, Paul Grist, Dave Gibbons, Chynna Clugston-Major, Ray Fawkes, Neil Gaiman

 Sophronius Moritat, Ben Templesmith, Mike Allred, Dave Johnson, Paul Reinman, Brian Wood, Stuart Immonen, Jim Rugg, Paul Grist, Dave Gibbons, Chynna Clugston-Major, Cameron Stewart, Jim Lee

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