The CBLDF Presents: Liberty Comics Annual #2010

Image     October, 2010

Speak; Chain Game; The Comic That Got the Legend Fired; Boilerplate; Milk and Cheese; Columbia Rising; Monsters at the Door; Phaeton; X-Ray; The First Amendment

 Darick Robertson, Fábio Moon, Garth Ennis, Anina Bennett, Evan Dorkin, Donald Simpson, Gail Simone, C. Scott Morse, Geoff Johns, Larry Marder, Brian Azzarello

 Darick Robertson, Gabriel Bá, Rob Steen, Paul Guinan, Sarah Dyer, Donald Simpson, Amanda F. Gould, C. Scott Morse, Scott Kolins, Larry Marder, Jill Thompson, Frank Miller, Terry Moore, Jeff Smith, Skottie Young, Amanda Conner, Ben McCool, Bill Tucci, Colleen Doran

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