Heavy Metal #256

Metal Mammoth     September, 2010

Vol. 34 #6; Indica reads Vol. 24 #6

Tarot Cards; The Sun Will Die Blind; Flourescent Black:, Part 3; The Woodsman and the Dryads; Joe in the Future; Off the Deep End; Three Little Murders; Colt the Outlander: Stormbringer

 Steve Ringgenberg, Jerome Eyquem, M.F. Wilson, Abraham Martinez, Horatio Weisfeld, Charles Wagner, Phil Cohen, Dominic Aradio Jr., Dante Giovanni

 Andrew Jones, Julie Bell, Boris Vallejo, David Palumbo, Nathan Fox, Adrian Montoya Pina, Floyd Hughes, Peter Koch, Irapuan Luiz, RC Aradio, Oliver Wetter

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