Flight #2 - 2nd printing

Image     February, 2013

Inner Sanctum, Solomon Fix, Jelly Fruit, The Robot and the Sparrow, Dead Soul’s Day Out, Monster Slayers, The Golden Temple, Dance of the Sugar Plums, Destiny Xpress,; The Orange Grove, Weather Vain, Heads Up, Tendergrass, Last Things Last, Cellmates, The Ride, Laika, Ghost Trolley,; Wilford’s Stroll, Impossible, Dust on the Shelves, This Time!, Blip Pop, Mouse Trap, Sirius and Betelgeuse, The Flying Bride,; The Plank, Icarus, A Test For Cenri, La Sonadora, Sky Blue, Beisbol, Salmoning

 Michel Gagné, Douglas Tennapel, Catia Chien, Jake Parker

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