Archie’s Double Digest Magazine #218

Archie     June, 2011

The Strong, Silent Type!; Read and Heed; The Big Switch; The Sound of Music; The Charm; Calculated Risk; Impossible Journey; Making the Grade; The Paper Bout; Tech Talk!; Little Archie: My Best Friend is Missing; Little Archie: Just One Note; Little Sabrina: T.V. or Not T.V.; Little Sabrina: The Right Choice; Little Sabrina: Spell Smell; Sabrina: Taste Treat; Little Ambrose: A Good Catch; Phone-y Business; Homework Blues; Room Service; The Lure of Lost Lake; Telepathic Trickery; Tycoon; The Sign; Out of Order; Archie’s Pop Gag Bag; Science Friction; Excuses, Excuses; Letter Fretter; The Manga Scene; Archie’s Gag Bag; Problems Galore

 Paul Kupperberg, John Albano, George Gladir, Fernando Ruiz, Mike Pellowski, Dexter Taylor, Hal Smith

 Stan Goldberg, Pat Kennedy, Fernando Ruiz, Tim Kennedy, Dexter Taylor, Bob Bolling

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