Savage Sword of Conan (Dark Horse) #11

Dark Horse     May, 2012

Collects Marvel Comics The Savage Sword of Conan #112-120

A Dream of Empire; Mitra Defend Us; The Quest for the Shrine of Luma; A Quiet Place; Riddle of the Demuzaar; The Toll; Isle of the Faceless Ones; The Warlord of the Castle; Lords of the Falcon; The Boon; The Winds of Aka-Gaar; The Opponents; The Valley of Howling Shadows; Alchemy; Homecoming; Star of Thamazhu

 Michael Fleisher, Dave Simons, Don Kraar, Larry Yakata, Craig Anderson

 Dave Simons, William Johnson, Ernie Chan, Tony Salmons, Rudy Nebres, Andy Kubert, Val Mayerik, Henri Bismuth, Sal Buscema, Gary Kwapisz, Rod Whigham, Pablo Marcos

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