One and Done #1


Benefit for CBLDF; B&W; ca. 2012

Lucky Charm; How to Kill a Man; Shoot, Fly; Ped Texting; …Cold!; Saying Grace; Suckers; Captain Amazing to the Rescue!; Death’s Hand; Pyrrhic War; Waiting…; Spouse Invaders; The Balloon; Beyond the Heart; Day 366; Looking Back Over My Shoulder; Nobody Heeds the Warning; Hunger; Pale Horse; Reid’s Payback; Celtic Shaman: A Walk in the Park; Final Take; Blitz Randall: Man of Action!; In Loving Memory; Prime Directive; Inflation; Somebody Save Me!; Urban Hunting 101; 12 Bells; Demon Birth; Edgar’s Song; Alas, Poor Hercules; Dead Wrong; The Bold Man and the Sea; Ebb; Hit List; The Spitfire; The Vow; Time Log; Tail-Gator; Subject 32; Meltdown!; No Quarter!; A Force in Motion; The Hunting Lesson; Boom; Mazscara Pinup; Joseph!; False Pretenses; Harkinton

 Mark McKenna, Joshua Boulet, Shawn Aldridge, R.J. Balbuena, Arno Hurter, Duncan Eagleson, L. Burke, Robert Heske, Mike Schneider, Rob Jones, Dino Caruso, David W. Tripp

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