Archie’s Double Digest Magazine #228

Archie     June, 2012

Zowie!; Parking Problem; Sock Shock; I Got the Power!; A Gaggle of Grief!; Just in Time; Chore Score; Doll Crazy; The Exhibit’s Escape; Special Delivery; Little Archie: Teacher’s Pet; Little Sabrina: Say It With Flowers; Little Ambrose: Homeless Helper; Little Archie: The Laugh Man; Getting the Message; Water Works; Crowd Control; Dumb Luck!; Mad About You!; Line-up Lament!; The Simple Life; Have a Nice Trip… See You Next Fall!; Wilbur: Get the Drift?; Wilbur: South of the Boarder; It’s Car-azy; Wappa Wappa

 George Gladir, Craig Boldman, Bill Golliher, Barbara Slate, Frank Doyle, Mike Pellowski, Dexter Taylor, Bob Bolling, Dick Malmgren

 Pat Kennedy, Scott Jeralds, Stan Goldberg, Dan DeCarlo Jr, Henry Scarpelli, Samm Schwartz, Dexter Taylor, Bob Bolling, Tim Kennedy, Dan DeCarlo, Dick Malmgren

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