Archie & Friends Double Digest #18

Archie     September, 2012

The Fame Game!; Bring Your Own Barbecue!; Aunt That a Shame; The Big Chill; Just Desserts; I’m Positive; Hawaiian Shtick; Archie’s Mysteries: Author Unknown; Helpful Hints; Switch Hitch; Net Vignette; Game Daze; Golf Gaff; Money to Burn; Rare Pair; The Unknown Equation; Show-Man-Ship; Race to the End; Flip Flop; Westward Ho!; Frisbee Fracas; The Big Cry; Figure This Out! (Puzzle); Archie1: The Umpire Strikes Back; Archie1: Spin Off; That’s Some Break; Mean Teen; Memory Lame

 George Gladir, Mike Pellowski, Dan Parent, Jim Ruth, Paul Castiglia, Barbara Jarvie, Craig Boldman, Kathleen Webb, Frank Doyle

 Stan Goldberg, Rex W. Lindsey, Dan Parent, Gus Lemoine, Fernando Ruiz, Bob Bolling, Henry Scarpelli, Tim Kennedy, Pat Kennedy, Harry Lucey, Dan DeCarlo Jr., Doug Crane

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