Archie Digest Magazine #65

Archie     April, 1984

Great Day in the Morning; Gloom Bloom; Laught it Up; Li’l Jinx: Take the Cake!; Rooty-Toot-Tutor; Chairful Tidings; Jughead: His Last Stand; How De-Feeting; Li’l Jinx: The Wish Moan; Girl Whirl; Miss Grundy: Kick Off; Love Finds a Way; Betty and Veronica: Dishenchanted; Reggie: Need a Lift?; Li’l Jinx: A Pie Guy!; Jughead: Sniff Tiff; Getting the Message with Alexander Graham Bell; Heart Art; Betty: Fireplace Folly; Betty and Veronica: Steam Scheme; Li’l Jinx: Ice Try!; Eyeball to Eyeball; Betty and Veronica: Grief Beef; Cake Wait; Jughead: Food Mood; Mr. Weatherbee: Scheme Esteem; The Cuisine Scene; Jughead: Sit Bit; Little Archie: Pie Man; Li’l Jinx: The Oat-Side Story; The Archies: The Go-Go Club!; Dilton: He Who Laughs Last; Li’l Jinx: Weak End; Reserved Decision; Jughead: C Worthy; Stout Tout; Monkeyseize; Betty: Going to Great Lengths

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