Batman Pocketbook #7


ca. 1979

A Caper A Day Keeps The Batman At Bay - Reprint from Batman #312 (Jun 1979); Two For The Money - Reprint from Batman #313 (Jul 1979); Once Beaten, Twice Sly - Reprint from Batman #314 (Aug 1979); The Night The Mob Stole Christmas - Reprint from The Brave And The Bold #148 (Mar 1979); Batgirl - The Case Of The Untouchable Crook - Reprint from Detective Comics #485 (Aug-Sep 1979); Menace Of The Murder Machines - Reprints Detective Comics #153 (Aug 1979)

 Walt Simonson, Bob Haney, Jack C. Harris, Irv Novick, Cary Burkett

 Len Wein, Joe Staton, Don Heck, Don Newton

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