Revolver Horror Special #1

Fleetway Quality     October, 1990

Graveyard Shift; The Wishing Hour; First Blood; A Dog And His Bastard; Martin; The Numbers Game; Summer’s End; The Universal Man; The Head; Mother’s Day; Feeders & Eaters; A Small Haunting

 Ian Abbinnett, Alan Cowshill, Nicholas Vince, Si Spencer, Garth Ennis, Dave Hine, Gary Pleece, Igor Goldkind, Shaky Kane, Nick Abadzis, Mark Millar, Neil Gaiman

 Andrew Currie, John Bolton, Tony Riot, Phillip Swarbrick, Dave Hine, Warren Pleece, William Simpson, Shaky Kane, Ed Bagwell, Phil Winslade, Mark Buckingham, Steve Sampson

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