Canteen Kate Book #1 Hardcover

St. John     December, 2013

Reprints Canteen Kate stories from Anchors Andrews #1, Fightin’ Marines #2-9, Canteen Kate #1-3 and“The Colonel’s Daughter”from Fightin’ Marines #15; Published by Canton Street Press

The Big Freeze; Call to Arms; Tailor Maid; Candid Cutie; Ready…Aim…Fire; Foxhole Floozie; Say It With Flour; Lieutenants, Beware; Yokohama Melodrama; Sleepy-Time Girl; Tanks For The Memories; Calamity Cake; Rugged Rug-Cutters; Scuttlebutt; Bring ’Em Back Alive; Much Ado about Mushrooms; Trouble in Major Key; Party Line; Power of the Press; The Old Ball Game; Leatherneck Jack

 Matt Baker

 Matt Baker

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