Alice In Comicland #1 Hardcover

Idea + Design Works

Imagine; Wonder; Alice in CartoonLand; Alice in Funnyland; Alice Cover Girl!; Lewis Carroll; Alice Through The Looking-Glass; Superman: A Modern Alice in Wonderland; Alice in Terrorland; Alec in Fumbleland; Glory; Mother’s Gooseberry Rinds; Alice in Monkey Island; Through The Looking Glass; Archie In Wonderland; Alice in Flying Saucers; Little Max Meets Alice In Wonderland; Alice In Wonderland!

 Craig Yoe, Mark Burstein, K.L. Roberts, George Carlson, Walt Kelly, Charles Schulz, Lewis Carroll, Jerry Siegel, Alex Toth, Serge S. Sabarsky, Dave Berg, Harvey Kurtzman

 Walt Kelly, Charles Schulz, John Tenniel, Joe Shuster, Alex Toth, George Carlson, George O. Muhlfield, Stephen Kirkel, Dan DeCarlo, Dave Berg, Warren Kremer, Jack Davis

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