Nintendo Comics System (2nd Series) Book #1


Hardcover; The Best of the Nintendo Comics System

Gameboy in the Palm of Your Hand; Itís a Small World After All; The Legend of Zelda; Missing in Action; Secrets of the Triforce; Trust Me; Thief in the Night; Zeldaís Consumer Tips; The Power; The Price; The Complete Hero; Welcome to Videoland; Allís Well That Ends Swell; The Item; Money Changes Everything; Every Dog Has Its Day; Video-Town; Villainsí Doís and Doníts; The Coming of a Hero; Metroid; Deceit du Jour; The First Fight; Outsiders; Fox and Hounds

 George Caragonne, Todd Haedrich, Art Nichols, Gray Marrow, Paul Creddick, Ken Lopez, Mark McClellan, Bill Vallely, Dennis Francis, Jade, Rodney Ramos, J. Jackson, P. Zorito, Christian, Richard Rockwell, Don Hudson, Andrea Brooks, Mark Pacella, Andy Mushynsky, Heather Eatman, Bryan D. Leys, Kingman Huie, John Cebollero, Bob Layton, Sean Grissom, Dan Panosian, The Gradations, Meridee Mandio, Ross Andru, Daniel McKinnon, Joe Q, Joe Rubinstein, Josť Marzan Jr., Kathryn Bolinger, James Brock, Mickey Ritter, Jane Harpes, Diane Duane

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