Mad #102

E.C.     April, 1966

Some MAD Suggestions For Other "Ridiculous Ad Images"; In the Delicatessen; BrandXed; Achieving Personal Success in Crime; Lighter Side Of Elementary School, The; MAD’s "Lifetime - People" Chart; In the Optometrist’s Waiting Room; ABC’s Wild World of Sports; New Board Games We’d Really Like to See; In the Haberdashery; Typical Luxury Apartment House Ad, The - Typical Luxury Apartment House, The; Boy Scouts vs. Little Old Ladies; Spy vs Spy; Bubby Lake Missed; The Television Studio

 Phil Hahn, Jack Hanrahan, Don Martin, Lou Silverstone, Tom Koch, Dave Berg, Antonio Prohías, Larry Siegel, Frank Jacobs, Patrick McGivern, Don Edwing, Stan Hart

 Bob Clarke, Don Martin, Mort Drucker, George Woodbridge, Dave Berg, Antonio Prohías, Al Jaffee, Paul Coker Jr.

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