Mad About TV #1


Batman; Star Trek; All in the Family; Gentle Ben; Columbo; The Mary Tyler Moore Show; Kung Fu; M*A*S*H; Dallas; Happy Days; Love Boat; General Hospital; Hill Street Blues; The A-Team; Gilligan’s Island; The Honeymooners; Miami Vice; Newhart; Murder She Wrote; Highway to Heaven; The Cosby Show; I Love Lucy; The Andy Griffith Show; Pee–Wee’s Playhouse; St. Elsewhere; Married with Children; Cheers; Thirtysomething; Nirvana; Spice Girls; MADtv; Jeopardy!; Baywatch; Simpsons; Entertainment Tonight; Frasier; Rosie O’Donnell; Sesame Street; Mad About You; Dennis Miller; The X Files; ER; David Letterman; Friends; Mister Rogers; Seinfield; Today Show; Ally McBeal; Antiques Roadshow; Everybody Loves Raymond; Oprah Winfrey; Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist; NYPD Blue; MTV’s “Real World” parodies; ca. 1999

Introduction; Bats–Man; Star Blech; Gall in the Family Fare; Genteel Ben; Clodumbo; The Mary Tailor–Made Show; Howard at the Mike; Kung Fool; M*A*S*H*UGA; Dullus; Crappy Days; Lust Boat; The Evolution of a TV Situation Comedy; DeGenerate Hospital; Swill Street Blues; One Fine Evening During Prime Time; The A* Team; Gigglin’s Island; The Crummymooners; Miami Price; Not–So–New–Hart; Murder She Hopes; Highway to Heaving; Upcoming TV Cop “Teams”; The Cosby Show Nasty File; I Love Luny; The Andy Grinning Show; A MAD Peek Behind the Scenes at Pee–Wee’s Playhouse; Tricks of the Trade in Local TV News; St. Healthscare; Buried with Children; Beers; The MAD Soap Opera Update; Thirtysuffering; “Nirvana,” “Alanis Morissette,” and “Spice Girls”; A TV Scene We’d Like to See; MAD Fold–In; Click This!; Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions on the Set of MADtv; 11 Ways “Jeopardy!” Contestants Can Really Piss Off Alex Trebek; MAD’s Home Version of Jeopardy!; Babewatch; Using the Simpson Look to Update Stale Appearances; If It Weren’t For Entertainment Tonight; The MAD Guide to Doing Well/Not Doing Well on TV Talk Shows; Flakier; Rosie O’Donnell Grills Some Non–Showbiz Guests; When Seasame Street Caves In to the Radical Right; Too Bad About You; Dennis Miller Rants About Dennis Miller; The Ecch Files; When Other TV Shows Finally Come Out of the Closet; SickER; MAD’s Celebrity Cause–of–Death Betting Odds—David Letterman; Fiends; The Special Prosecutor’s Official Report on Mister Rogers; NBC’s Desperate Plans for Seinfield Spinoffs; MAD’s Guide to Who’s Who Outside the “Today Show“ Window; Ally’s Appeal; Scenes from “Antiques Freakshow”; Everybody Loathes Raymond; MAD’s Celebrity Cause–of–Death Betting Odds—Oprah WInfrey; Dr. Katz, Professional Thereapist Moves to South Park; Slimedish Digital Television; NYPD Re–Do; MTV’s “Real World” Casting Questionaire

 “Weird Al” Yankovic, Lou Silverstone, Dick DeBartolo, Larry Siegel, Tom Koch, Frank Jacobs, Stan Hart, Arnie Kogen, Don Martin, Charlie Kadau, Dennis Snee, Debbie Ovitz, Desmond Devlin, Al Jaffee, Joe Raiola, Chevy Chase, Charlie Richards, J. Prete, Mike Snider, Greg Eckler, Josh Gordon, Butch D’Ambrosio, Russ Cooper, David Shayne

 Mort Drucker, Angelo Torres, Don Martin, Jack Davis, Harry North, Sam Viviano, Paul Coker, Al Jaffee, George Woodbridge, Rick Tulka, David P. Levin, John Cullen Murphy, Sergio Aragonés, David O’Keefe, J. Prete, Greg Theakston, Drew Friedman, Steve Brodner, Hermann Mejia, Bill Wray, Greg Blackwell

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