Marvel Comics #1001 Variation A


Space and Time; The New Warriors: Leopards and Spots; This Means War; Monark Starstalker; Neither Here Nor There; Tigra: Greer’s New Career; The Devil and the Darkness; Spider-Man: The Final Battle!; Rain Check; The Insult That Made a Pig Out of Ziggy!!; Kid Colt, Outlaw: Moving On; Spa Day; Turf War; Deadpool: Happy Deadpool-Versary; Sleepwalker: Selfie-Aware!; Comic Zone; The Rest of Your Life; Hulk Cookies; Destroy All Robots!; Captain America: Comics for Victory!; Existential Crisis in a Nutshell; 616’s Best Stress Testers; Uatu Know; Us: Kickers, Inc.!; What’s in a Name?; Machine Man: See What’s Become of Me; Powers of Pack; Consequences; The Amazing Spider-Man’s Sunday Visit; Time and Space

 Kaare Andrews, Scott Auckerman, Vita Ayala, Bob Budanisky, Howard Chaykin, Amanda Conner, Al Ewing, Simon Furman, Marc Guggenheim, Larry Hama, Jody Houser, Tony Isabella, Audrey Loeb, The McElroys, Bill Morrison, Will Murray, Fabian Nicieza, Ann Nocenti, Jimmy Palmiotti, Brian Posehn, Carl Potts, Amy Reeder, Trina Robbins, Declan Shalvey, Nick Spencer, Roger Stern, Marc Sumerak, Frank Tieri, Leah Williams, G. Willow Wilson

 ACO, Kaare Andrews, Andre Lima Araujo, Mark Bagley, Dario Brizuela, Bob Budiansky, Natacha Bustos, Derek Charm, Howard Chaykin, Amanda Conner, Pasqual Ferry, Ig Guara, GuriHiru, Kim Jacinto, Scott Koblish, Steve Leiber, Tom Mandrake, Bill Morrison, Jerry Ordway, Dan Panosian, Pere Perez, Carl Potts, Humberto Ramos, Nick Roche, Marguerite Sauvage, Declan Shalvey, Andrea Sorrentino, Rachael Stott, Nina Vakueva

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