The CBLDF Presents: Liberty Comics Annual #2011 Variation D

Image     October, 2011

Grendel: Sympathy From the Devil; It’s Not a Trick; The Light at the End of the Tunnel; Cowboy Ninja Viking; La Caricature; Punk Rock, Gay, Time Machine; Dunce; The Broken Arrow; Flowering; Separation of Church and State; The Conversion; Great Unsung Moments in the History of Free Speech; Elephantmen: The Naked Truth!; Being Normal; Dangerous Customs

 Matt Wagner, J. Michael Straczynski, Kazim Ali, Dara Naraghi, J.H. Williams III, Mark Waid, Carla Speed McNeil, Aj Lieberman, Michael Bramley, Steve Niles, Brandon Montclare, Judd Winick, Richard Starkings

 Matt Wagner, Kevin Sacco, Craig Thompson, Chris Mitten, J.H. Williams III, Jeff Lemire, Carla Speed McNeil, Riley Rossmo, Frank Quitely, Shane Davis, Fred Hembeck, Michael Montenat, Jack Purcell, Joëlle Jones, Greg Land, Greg Horn, Thiago Micalopulos, Rodney Ramos, Dustin Nguyen, Dave Cooper, Ivan Reis, Shaky Kane

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