Archie Giant Series Magazine #27

Archie     June, 1964

Reprints from Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica #21 (Nov 1955), #23 (Mar 1956), #77 (May 1962) and #80 (Aug 1962); Reprints from Archie’s Joke Book Magazine #43 (Nov 1959), #48 (Aug 1960), #50 (Oct 1960), #53 (Apr 1961) and #62 (Jun 1962); Lodge family butler is called“Jenkins”instead of“Smithers”in this issue

Perfect Placement; Called Down; A Diller-A Dollar; Shoed Away; Cast a Spell; The Whole Tooth; Pix Nix; Archie’s Gag Bag; Notes to You; Police Blotter; Brush Crush; All Bets Off; Under a Spell; Collector’s Item; Hook Line and Sinker; Be Prepared; Lovers Quarrel; Guys and Dollars; Bowled Over!; Chocolate Filled; In Awe of the Law; The Ego and I; School Doze; TV Trouble; Vain Swain!; Farced Labor; Shock Treatment!; A Shot in the Arm!; Alfred Bernard Nobel (text story); Speak for Yourself!; Gift o’ Gab!; Thrown for a Loss; Concentration!; Laff Lines!; Week Daze!; Mr. Lodge; Hole in One; Never Say Die; Archie’s Movie Page; Shoes Who?; No Exceptions; Hoppy Daze; Now He Knows; Middle Man; Thanks for the Memory; Stay It Isn’t So; Quick Chick; Zoos His Doctor?; Nap Snacks; Video Vamp; Lover’s Lament; Keep ’Em Smoochin’; Joseph Lister (text story); Sluggers Delight; Film Fun; A Sight for Sore Eyes!; Quick Draw; Archie’s Signs of the Times; puzzle: Archie & Reggie Fiddle-Dee-Riddle; The Lend of Plenty; Short Subject; That’s the Spirit; From Bat to Worse!; Call Me Stupid; A Lot of Crust; Threw and Through; Double Check; Bottoms Up; Soiled Story; The Boat Builder; The Money Man; No Escape; An Ode Flame; Horsing Around; En Garde; Class Clowns; puzzle: Give Him the Bird!; Moose-Taken Identity; Room with a View

 Frank Doyle, Joe Edwards

 Harry Lucey, Joe Edwards, Ken Hultgren

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