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Air Marshal

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About Me

I’ve been a comic book fan and collector since I was a paperboy (I still remember running down to the local Tom Thumb to pick up the latest issues of Amazing Spider-Man from the spinner racks). As an adult-type-person, I created ComicBase, and also have a hand in Atomic Avenue.

The comics for sale here are from my own collection, and all come bagged and boarded...

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3/24/2023212744 daoist
Excellent thanks!
3/19/2023212802 paulsaadeh
Amazing seller. Thanks!
3/17/2023212774 PEverhart
An amazing collection of issues at good prices and fast shipping
3/13/2023212702 Thschipper
Perfect condition, and arrived on time 10/10
3/11/2023212705 amaximo
The package arrived without any problems and was well-packed. Arrived a lot faster than I expected. Will buy from Peter in the future.
3/10/2023212715 immortalthor
Awesome as always
3/6/2023212313 SteveDahms2
3/6/2023212480 CKlodner
Disappointed unfortunately. All books WAY over graded. Ordered all NM and every book was VF at best, some much lower for modern stuff. Nice box shipped in but no padding so they bounced around. Wouldn’t consider buying again, sorry to say.
3/4/2023212555 Thschipper
Comic was in perfect shape. Came super quick 10/10