Storylines containing “1996”

MC 1Jessica Abel Intrepid Girl Reporter"Or Whatever…"; Looking at Art 1997 Chicago at Navy Pier (or: "Shellacked at Vernissage"); Punk Pilgrimage: An Evening at the Fireside; The Miracle Tree; Camille Paglia; Decatur, IL; Waiting for Douglas Coupland; Godzilla; At the United We Stand Center: Scenes from the Democratic National Convention, Tuesday, Aug 27, 1996; "I Hope That Frog Dies."
1Heavy Metal1996, Part 1; The Adventures of Yriss; Age of Ages, Part 1; Conquering Armies, Part 1; Den, Part 1; Manipulation; Rut; Selenia; Space Punks; Sunspot, Part 1; Sword of Shannara; Traumwatch
11Heavy Metal1996, Part 10; …Subsequently…; Ulysses; The Time Warp; Talapalca; Den; the Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius; Miss Heavy Metal 1978: Roberta; Chain Mail; Space Soap Opera; Conquering Armies; A Rose For Ecclesiastes
12Heavy Metal1996, Part 11; Abracax Effect; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne; Barbarella, Part 2; Den, Part 12; Diabolical Planet; Galactic Geographic, Part 1; Hitchhike; Lost; Orion, Part 1; Paradise 9; Ruse; Self-Portrait; Underground Comic; Urm, Part 2
14Heavy Metal1996, Part 12; An Image; Barbarella, Part 4; Fed Up; Galactic Geographic, Part 3; Going to Pieces; Jungle Gym; Lost Time; Margerin; Orion, Part 3; Ozone Alley; Tap-Dancing on a Tender…; The Day; The Uptight Garbage of Jerry Corne; Urm, Part 3
15Heavy Metal1996, Part 13; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 6; Barbarella, Part 5; Colonization; Evolution; Fable; Galactic Geographic, Part 4; Heilman, Part 1; More Than Human, Part 1; New Tales of the Arabian Nights: Shaherazade; Report V.I.; Sabre; Them Changes
16Heavy Metal1996, Part 14; Barbarella, Part 6; Death of Orlaon; Frontispiece; Gail, Part 2; Galactic Geographic, Part 5; Heilman, Part 2; Last Voyage of Sinbad; More Than Human, Part 2; Orion, Part 4; Q Claf 1; Story of the Acrylic Magus and…
22Heavy Metal1996, Part 15; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 10; The Bus, Part 1; Dreamland; Exercise in Gold; Exterminator 17, Part 4; Gail, Part
23Heavy Metal1996, Part 16; The Bus, Part 2; Exterminator 17, Part 5
24Heavy Metal1996, Part 17; A Mass for the Dead; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Pa
2Heavy Metal1996, Part 2; Adventures of Yriss; Age of Ages, Part 2; Conquering Armies, Part 2; Den, Part 2; Harzak, Part 1; Meaobbin Mecru; Sunspot, Part 2, Virgo; Festival; Roger, Part 1; Star-Death of Margaret Omali
3Heavy Metal1996, Part 3; Age of Ages, Part 3; Conquering Armies, Part 3; Den, Part 3; Gail, Part 1; Harzak, Part 2; Night Images; Rockblitz; Sloane; Sunspot, Part 3; Vengeance; Vessel; World Apart, Part 1
4Heavy Metal1996, Part 4; Approaching Centauri; Conquering Armies, Part 4; Crossroads of the Universe; Den, Part 4; Golden Queen; Harzak, Part 3; The Long Tomorrow, Part 1; Nep Simo; Prince of Mist; Sunspot, Part 4; World Apart, Part 2
5Heavy Metal1996, Part 5; Age of Ages, Part 4; Black Queen; Coincidence; Den, Part 5; Fever; Green Hand; Hamilton Potemkine; The Long Tomorrow, Part 2; Our Own Little Mardis Gras; Package For You, Missus Jones; Polonius, Part 1; Roger, Part 2; World Apart, Part 3
6Heavy Metal1996, Part 6; AAARRRZZZ; Den, Part 6; Is There a Demon Lover in the House?; It’s a Small Universe; Last Vodka on Smirnov; Major Fatal; Night Grass; Orcyb; Polonius, Part 2; Teonanactl Genese; World Apart, Part 4
7Heavy Metal1996, Part 7; Den, Part 7; The Garage, Part 1; How Good is Man?; In You I Am Reborn; Jet Man; Operation Omega; Polonius, Part 3; Singsong of Cecily Snow; Turod; The White Knight
8Heavy Metal1996, Part 8; A Visit to Jivaskilla Technexp; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 2; Ballade; Bird of Dust; Blue Terror; Den, Part 8; Feet Upon the Stomach; How’s the Nightlife on…; Master; Polonius, Part 4; World Apart, Part 5
10Heavy Metal1996, Part 9; A Rose for Ecclesiastes; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 3; Conquering Armies, Part 5; Den, Part 10; Miss Heavy Metal 1978; Space Soap Opera; Talaplaca; Ulysses
107Families of Altered Wars Presents Luftwaffe: 1946Afgangs (1986); Retroman (1996); Nazi High School (1996); My Childhood in America, Part 1; Black Orbit; Girls of Manga, Part 2; Evolution to Tigers of Terra, Part 6; Art of Manga: The Japanese Way, Part 2
1Archie Spotlight Digest: Archie 75th Anniversary DigestArchiemania! (1966-1970); The Man From R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E.: Smoke! Gets in Your Eyes!; Once Upon a Tune!; Heroes Are Made; Josie and the Pussycats: Decisions Decisions; Say Cheese; Out of This World! (1981-1985); Little Archie: The Team Mate; Snob Hill Sextette; Joystick Jackpot; Josie and the Pussycats: Head Count; Pizza From Heaven; A New Generation (1996-2000); Cry Me a River; Looking for Mr. Mumps!; In Retrospect; Sabrina: A Feudal Attempt; A Might Weird Crusade; Seventy-Five Years! (2011-2015); Ball in the Hall!; There’s a First Time for Everything!; Summer Daze; This is the End!; The New Riverdale
54Batman AutomobiliaBatman: Legends of the Dark Knight #80 (1996)
11DilbertCollects Strips November 20, 1995 - August 31, 1996
12DilbertCollects Strips September 01, 1996 - January 04, 1998
5Adventures of Liberal Man, TheContract with America: Terminate with Extreme Predjudice, Part 3; The 1996 Campaign: A Nation on the Precipice, Part 1
Bk 1Fawcett Companion: The Best of FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America)Foreword; Introduction; Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang (1996); The Fawcetts Could Do It As Well, Or Better, Than Anybody (1997); The World’s Mightiest Waste of Time and Money (1981); Comics Is A Funny Business (1946); What’s Behind The Comic Cover? (1940s); How The Comics Are Made (1942); Fawcett Writing Rules (1942); The Human Quality Of The Captain Marvel Characters (1983); Mary Marvel (1983); Those Darned Armbands and Cape Loops (1983); One of the Most Real Characters Ever To Appers (1998); Master Man (1978); My Favorite Little Monster (1981); Captain Marvel & The Atomic War (1996); The Marvel Family Feud (1980); Captain Marvel’s Well Known Comics (1975); Captain Marvel Thrill Book (1977); Fawcett’s Dime Action Books (1976); The Captain Marvel Daily Newspaper Strip (1980); The Smithsonian Book Of Comic-Book Comics (1982); Fawcett Comics’ Greatest Hits (1982); Rod Reed-I Was Proud (1974); I Chose To Be A Genius (1980); Otto Binder- We Were More Or Less Inspired (1974); Virginia A. (Ginny) Provisiero- Fond Memories (1998); Kurt Schaffenberger-I Admire Craftmanship (1980); Marcus D. Swayze-Southern Gentleman (1978); He’s My Man By Mrs. Marc Swayze (1997); I Survived-Fawcett Artist Ed Robbins (1977); A Lushness of Line- Bob Powell And Fawcett (1991); King of the Roost-Fawcett writer Joe Millard (1975); Remembering Fawcett by George Evans (1996); Easy Money-Fawcett Writer Manly Wade Wellman (1976); Captain Lieberson (1952); Visual Expression-Will Lieberson (1975); Legends Meet-C.C. Beck chats with Will Eisner (1983); Al Allard-The Business Has Changed (1982); I Never Read Them-Fawcett Artist Pete Costanza (1982); C.C. Beck Interviews Pete Costanza (1980); I Wanted To Draw Comics-Fawcett Artist Robert Laughlin (1984); Ralph Daigh-Comics Opened The Doors (1981); The Ashcan Whiz (1981); Carl Pfeur-An Original (1987); The Legacy of Mac Raboy (1981); Chad Grothkopf-I Believed In What I Did (1991); Bill Parker (1980); John Jordan (1980); Dave Berg (1980); John Putnam (1980); It Helped Pay The Mortgage:-Artist Edd Ashe (1986); Wandell Crowley (1980); Chic Stone (1997); Bill Ward (1996); Jack Binder (1986); Eric Jon Messmann (1986); I Felt It Would Be Impinging-Shazam! Artist Bob Oksner (1996); They Still Call Him Junior; Frank Coghlan Jr. (1996); Captain Marvel’s Leading Lady-Louise Currie (1996); A Hero To Look Up To-Actor Jackson Bostwick (1996); C.C Meets The Captain (1980); My Dad’s The New Captain Marvel-John Davey (1998); Elders Fleet, Strong And Wise-Michael Gray (1996); C.C. Beck 1910-89 (1989); The World’s Mightiest Opinions (1996); I’ll Never Forget C. C. Beck (1979); We Just Called Him :Beck (1990); Comin Book Are For Kids (1974); We Were Considered A Bunch Of Idiots (1974); Were Fawcett Comics Art? (1981); What Really Killed The Golden Age (1983); FCA Gallery; Fawcett Comics Index
22Métal Hurlant (Les Humanoides Associés)Gag Sordide; Heil Man; Tueur de Fous; Gail; Metropolis; La Loque Humaine; Conscience Professionnelle; Q. C. Laf 1; Star War, 1996; L’Image; Le Bateau Livre; Les Aventures de Roger Fringant; Puerilox 25; Blietzkrieg!; Le Garage Hermetik; La Nuit du Goimard; Rock City; L’Assassin Envahit la Terre
1Norm, TheReprints strips from 1996
2Norm, TheReprints strips from 1996 - 1997
6Adventures of Liberal Man, TheThe 1996 Campaign: A Nation on the Precipice, Part 2; A Clinton Carol
1Free SpeechesThe Comic Book Legal Defense Fund; Address at the International Comic Convention San Diego, California July 4, 1996; The Story of Lulu According to Her Feet; A Modest Propsal; Keynote Speech at the Diamond Comic Distributors Reatilers Seminar