Storylines containing “Action Figures”

1Men’s Adventure ComixAction Figures, Part 1; First Blood; Generation Sex, Part 1; Live & Learn; Slim & Nun, Part 1; A Tough Habit to Break; LA-X, Part 1; Everybody Wants to Rule the World; Salem, Part 1; Nobody Knows, Nobody Sees…; Hericane, Part 1; Origin; Miss Adventure, Part 1; Say the Secret Word…
117FablesCubs In Toyland, Part 4; Action Figures; A Revolution in Oz, Part 4; General Orders
2Men’s Adventure ComixHericane, Part 2; Dawn of the Living PMS; Action Figures, Part 2; Shipwrecked Superheroines; Slim & Nun, Part 2; The Ballad of Slim & Nun; Hellwagon; LA-X, Part 2; Babewatch; Pirate Hearts, Part 1; Mistress of the Seas; Paper Dolls: Action Figures, Part 1
3Men’s Adventure ComixKodiak, Part 1; Action Figures, Part 3; Frankenstein’s Bachelor Party; Pirate Hearts, Part 2; Old Hickory; Miss Adventure, Part 2; The Fem-B. I.; Miss-Taken Identity
7Men’s Adventure ComixKraken’s Wake: First Contact; Action Figures, Part 5; Rough Justice; Black Rogue, Part 3; The Prince; Hericane, Part 4; Old Flames; Pirate Hearts, Part 4; Skullduggery
26Elvira, Mistress of the DarkLights, Camera…Action Figures
4Men’s Adventure ComixMiss Adventure, Part 4; Mutant Cuffs; Salem, Part 2; Nobody Knows But Me; Slim & Nun, Part 4; The Marvelous Seven; Hericane, Part 3; The Luckiest Guy in the World; LA-X, Part 3; The Sex Files; Action Figures, Part 4; Bad Girls; Paper Dolls: Action Figures, Part 2
30Penthouse ComixRaging Rod: AnalRodtentive; Witch Bitch, Part 4; Goin’ Fishin’!; To Boldly Go: J Spaceman (Jason Pierce) Interview; Demonatrix; Labor Day; Action Figures: 3 Hour Tour? Please Baby Please Give It to Me!; A Passionate Woman; Jerry Falwell (contact with god); Sweet Chastity
32Penthouse ComixRaging Rod: My Dinner With Hector; Who’s Watching Who?: Altuna’s The Porn Video; Into the Living Room: The Money Mark Interview; Latex Diva: Phantasmagasm; Swallow This; Action Figures: The Finale, For Now…; The PCX Interview: Ronald Reagan; Sweet Chastity
31Penthouse ComixRaging Rod: Night of the Guano; The Send-Off; Action Figures; Ravenous; Big Girls Don’t Cry; Sweet Chastity
29Penthouse ComixRaging Rod: Rod in Hell; Brown’s Delights: Should Old Acquaintance…; Altuna Presents: Down on the Farm; By Royal Appointment: The Queen of England; Paige: PCX Interview- Pet of the Year; Action Figures: Oooh…Tasty; The Hitching Girl; Sweet Chastity
6Penthouse ComixYoung Captain Adventure, Part 6; Action Figures, Part 1; Libby and the Lost World, Part 6; Doctor Dare and the Spear of Destiny, Part 6; Backlash, Part 5; Bethlehem Steele, Part 5; Hot Stories, Part 3
6/APenthouse ComixYoung Captain Adventure; Action Figures, Part 1; Libby and the Lost World, Part 6; Work-Out Blues; Doctor Dare and the Spear of Destiny, Part 6; Big Trouble… in Little Rome!; Backlash, Part 3; Madame W’s School for Girls!; Bethlehem Steele, Part 5; Beth