Storylines containing “Another Fine War”

601Action ComicsAnd the Pain Shall Leave My Heart; Moral Stand; Listening to the Mockingbird; Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!; The Section Chief; Another Fine War, Part 1
605Action ComicsGolgotha; Goes to Hell; Moral Stand; Aftermath; If That Mockingbird Donít Sing; Another Fine War, Part 5; EnterÖ Red Dragon!
607Action ComicsGreen Lantern: Guilty!; Deadman: Escape from Hell; Wild Dog: Moral Stand; Familiar Face?; The Secret Six!: Gino; Blackhawk: Another Fine War, Part 7
604Action ComicsGreen Lantern: I, the Jury; Wild Dog: Moral Stand: Unleashed!; The Secret Six!: Haunts of the Very Rich; Final Escape?; Deadman: Genie in a Bottle; Blackhawk: Another Fine War, Part 4
606Action ComicsGreen Lantern: The List; The Secret Six!: The Sins of the Father; Deadman: This Is Hell; The True Believer; Wild Dog: Moral Stand: Stop the Presses!; Blackhawk: Another Fine War, Part 6
608Action ComicsGreen Lantern: Where the Heck Is Green Lantern?; Wild Dog: Moral Stand: Winged Dog; The Secret Six!: Blind Impulse; Questions and Mysteries; Deadman: Chapter Eight: Gala Reception; Blackhawk: Another Fine War, Conclusion
602Action ComicsRequiem; Showdown; Moral Stand; They Can Run, But They Canít Hide!; Look What Fell Out of the Sky Today; Another Fine War, Part 2
603Action ComicsRetribution!; Spread Your Broken Wings and Learn to Fly; Talaocís Tale!; More Powerful Than a Locomotive!; Moral Stand; Another Fine War, Part 3