Storylines containing “Betrayal”

189Brave and the Bold, TheA Grave as Wide as the World!, Part 2; Dead Men Tell Tales!; Nemesis: Betrayal!
2Black Monday Murders, TheA Story of Betrayal
2-2Black Monday Murders, TheA Story of Betrayal
13Rai and the Future ForceActs of Betrayal
236Unknown SoldierAn Honorable Betrayal?
88X-ForceArmageddon Now, Part 2; Blood & Betrayal
27Marvel Super ActionAvengers: Betrayal!
80/AMarvel Premiere ClassicAvengers: West Coast Avengers — Sins of the Past; The Search for the Thing!; Pride of the Regiment; The Attraction of Two Bodies!; The Unified Field Theory; Betrayal!; One of Our Own!; Tigra, Tigra Burning Bright!; The Lady… or the Tigra; The Dive
8SectaursBattle and Betrayal!
3Star Wars: A Long Time Ago…Beginning; Battleground Hoth; Imperial Pursuit; To Be a Jedi; Betrayal at Bespin; Duel a Dark Lord; Death Probe; The Dreams of Cody Sunn-Childe; Droid World; The Third Law; The Last Jedi; The Crimson Forever; Chewbacca’s Story: Rage in the Red Nebula; Against the Scarlet Night; Resurrection of Evil; To Take the Tarkin; The Last Gift From Alderaan!; A Stranger Among Us!
9Outsiders, The (1st Series)Bentama Means…Betrayal!; A Tale of Two Kitties
Bk 3Age of BronzeBetrayal
Bk 3/HCAge of BronzeBetrayal
27Alpha Flight (1st Series)Betrayal
Bk 2Alpha GodsBetrayal
Bk 2/HCAlpha GodsBetrayal
11Atari ForceBetrayal
24Booster GoldBetrayal
26Captain Marvel (1st Series)Betrayal
26Captain Marvel (UK Edition)Betrayal
195Daredevil (Canadian Edition)Betrayal
3DC Universe Online LegendsBetrayal
9Jemm, Son of SaturnBetrayal
9Jemm, Son of Saturn (Canadian Edition)Betrayal
2Justice, Inc. (Mini-Series)Betrayal
11Legion of Super-Heroes (7th Series)Betrayal
4Mary Shelley Monster HunterBetrayal
4Neon CyberBetrayal
10New Mutants, TheBetrayal
10New Mutants, The (Canadian Edition)Betrayal
4New Warriors, The (2nd Series)Betrayal
4Nova (5th Series)Betrayal
4/ANova (5th Series)Betrayal
2Ocelot, TheBetrayal
35Outsiders, The (4th Series)Betrayal
5Pirates of Dark Water, TheBetrayal
4Power MarkBetrayal
11Squadron SupremeBetrayal
Bk 1Star Wars: EmpireBetrayal
4Star Wars: Jabba the HuttBetrayal
Bk 3StormWatch (3rd Series)Betrayal
11Time for LoveBetrayal
3Triple HelixBetrayal
3/ATriple HelixBetrayal
2Wayne SheltonBetrayal
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