Storylines containing “Big Break”

1Cartoon Tales (Disney’s…)101 Dalmatians; Lucky’s Big Break; Cruella’s Very Furry Christmas
1/AOne Hundred and One Dalmatians (Walt Disney’s…)101 Dalmations; Lucky’s Big break; Cruella’s Very Furry Christmas.
4Archie & Friends Double DigestAdventures in the Wonder Realm, Part 4; Muddle Huddle; The Dilton Doiley Story!; The Champion; Personal Disappearance; Balance Diet?; The Big Break; Archie’s Weird Mysteries: Yesterday Starts Tomorrow!; Too Good to Be True; Pugilist Prediction; School Daze; A Limp Excuse; Windows Pain; Spring Has Sprung; Go West Young Action Hero; I’ll Second That; Chef Ahoy; The Long Count; Archie 3000!: Wieners Over Riverdale!; Eaten Up!; Unconventional Fun; Talk Balk; Name Game!; Chick Kick; Bottle Battle
480Action ComicsAmazo’s Big Breakthrough!
1Mad About the MoviesAn Illustrated History of Warner Bros.; Casabonkers; Who in Heck is Virginia Woolfe?; A MAD Guide to ’TV Late Show’ Cliche Movie Props; Balmy and Clod; Blue-Eyed Kook; Bullbit; Dirty Larry; Scenes We’d Like to See: The Cops Close In; A Crockwork Lemon; Scenes We’d Like to See: Driving the Golden Spike; Billy Jock; The Ecchorcist; The Towering Sterno; Dum-Dum Afternoon; Scenes We’d Like to See: The Human Shield; Gall of the President’s Men; Cliche Movie Script: The ’Opera’ Movie; A Star’s a Bomb; Scenes We’d Like to See: The Big Break; Superduperman; Throw Up the Academy; The Shiner; Scenes We’d Like to See: The Doctor’s Pronouncement; Assaulted State; Superduperman II; Outlandish; The Right Stiff; Cliche Movie Script: The ’War’ Movie; Grimlins; Goofies; Legal Wreckin’; A MAD Look at Movie Making; The Wretches of Ecchflick; Battyman; Throbbin Hood, Prince of Heaves; Blunder Siege; Dive; The Stooge-itive; Mavershtick; Intravenous with the Vampire; Scenes We’d Like to See: The Race to the Crossing; Twit-sters; Movie Heroes Are Finks; Disgracer; Marred Attack!; Corntact; Cliche Movie Script: The ’Society’ Movie; Clooney as the Bat; That’s All, Folks!; Drawn Out Dramas
1Morty the Dog (Starhead)Bark And Bite!; The Big Break!; The Death Of Morty The Dog
1Betty Boop’s Big BreakBetty Boop’s Big Break; Betty Boop Exposed
1-3American VampireBig Break
Bk 2Daken: Dark WolverineBig Break
Bk 2/HCDaken: Dark WolverineBig Break
Bk 3Daken: Dark WolverineBig Break
Bk 3/HCDaken: Dark WolverineBig Break
6Kid ‘n PlayBig Break
10Daken: Dark WolverineBig Break, Part 1
11Daken: Dark WolverineBig Break, Part 2
12Daken: Dark WolverineBig Break, Part 3
1American VampireBig Break; Bad Blood
1-2American VampireBig Break; Bad Blood
1/AAmerican VampireBig Break; Bad Blood
1/BAmerican VampireBig Break; Bad Blood
9Archie & Friends Double DigestDinner for One; Food Demon; Canine Conniptions; Knight Writer; Archie’s Gag Bag; Elevator Escapade; Get Lost; Hex Vex; Hero Zero; Archie’s Weird Mysteries: The Mystery of Lodge Manor; Reggie’s Weird Jokes; Team Player; Tongue-Tied; The New Archies: What Else Is New?; The New Archies: Jock Art; The New Archies: Ins and Outs; The New Archies: Funny Money; The New Archies: A Word to the Wise!; Switch Witch; Doghouse Dilemma!; Zero Heroes; Delusions of Defeat; Passed Out; Spelling Bee; The Big Break!
78Betty & MeLane Refrain; Polite Sprite; Flat Out; Archie’s Gag Bag; The Big Break; puzzle: Betty’s Now Hear This Puzzle; Communicate; Nothing to Fear
1One Hundred and One Dalmatians (Walt Disney’s…)Lucky’s Big break
2Giant-Size Mini ComicsMightyguy: The Big Break!; Danger is Fun!; Florida Vacation!; A Halloween I’d Just as Soon Forget!; Pert Herman; Origin of Fanboy; Tornado Alley; How we Travelled from Planet Plumpet to Planet Earth; Afterword
4Worst From Mad, ThePrince Violent; Ripup’s Believe it or Don’t; Pogum; The MAD Horror Primer; The Boy and His Toy; The Garbage Explosion; The Night The Price Is All Right Has an Unexpected Guest; The Brain Operation; Cigarette Georgraphy; Scenes We’d Like to See: The Big Break; MAD’s Helpful Household Repair Hints; In Surgery; MAD Goes to a Historical Movie Preview; Women in Whiskey Ads; Special MAD Bonus: An 8-Page - Full Color Sunday Comic Section We’d Like to See; Spot That Plug!; The Big House Beacon; Scenes We’d Like to See: Driving the Golden Spike; Protest Letters; The Sculptor in His Studio; Hazards of Illuminated Signs; The MAD Guide to Handwriting Analysis; Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: Old Version/New Version; The MAD Treasury of Unknown Poetry, Volume II; MAD Looks at Book Clubs; Scenes We’d Like to See: The Cops Close In; Teenage: A Magazine Mainly For Teenagers; MAD Playground That Prepare Kids for Adult Life; How to Fight the Small Car Threat; The First Edition; TV Ads We’d Like to See: The Colgrate Commercial; My Fair Ad-Man; The Escaped Convict; How We Retired at the Age of 11 With $800 a Month; Paying for a Diamond is Forever
50MadSpot That Plug!; How to Fight the Small Card Threat; NBC Plays CBS in the TV Baseball League; MAD Time Capsule, The; Nearsighted Man and the Telephone, The; Where Song-Writers Get Their Inspirations; Women in Whiskey Ads; Scenes We’d Like to See - The Big Break; MAD Playgrounds That Prepare Kids for Adult Life; Changing Meanings for Fun & Profit; What Our Teenagers Really Think About; TV Ads We’d Like to See: Ill-State Insurance Co; Blue Confessions; Practical Greeting Cards; On the Beach; The Night Peter Gone Cracked; Big House Beacon, The; New Chair, The
22Justice (Atlas)The Big Break
142BettyThe Big Break Up
10Sabrina (Vol. 2)The Big Break!; Fashion Mis-Statement; A Jarring Experience; A Late Bloomer!
9Hogan’s HeroesThe Big Break-In; Suit Yourself Suits; Ally Ally In Free!
1/HCArchie: The Best of Samm SchwartzThe Big Break; A Bum Steer; Boots; Boy Chases Girl; Case Closed; Desk Jockey; Double Trouble Cross; The Eyes Have It; Foot Sore; Girl Grab; Glad Rags; Help Wanted; Hoop-De-Do; Joker’s Wild; Jughead’s Cool Guide to Winter Sports; Love in Broom; Monkey Shines; The Music Man; Playback; Professor Jughead’s Educational Corner; Rude Awakening; The Song Writers; Too Good to be True; Wittle While You Work; Young Man With a Horn; A Few Words About Samm Schwartz, My Father
35Richie Rich GemsThe Big Break; Just a Simple Quiet Spot; Hard to Study; The Watchdog Watchdog
114Archie’s Pal JugheadThe Big Break; No Go!; Young Man with a Horn; Desk Jockey; Deaf and Dumb; Fortune Hunters
96Archie and FriendsThe Big Break; The Deep Freeze; Lookin Back, Looking Ahead
157Sgt. FuryThe Big Breakout
61Sgt. FuryThe Big Breakout!
100BettyThe Big Breakup, Part 2; Sleepy Time Girl; Trouble in Store
7Witching HourThree Witches; The Big Break!; The Captive!; Look Homeward, Angelo!; Who Believes Ouija? (text); Trick Or Treat
2/ARocketeer Adventures (Vol. 2)Work to Do; Betty’s Big Break; Autograph
2/BRocketeer Adventures (Vol. 2)Work to Do; Betty’s Big Break; Autograph
2/CRocketeer Adventures (Vol. 2)Work to Do; Betty’s Big Break; Autograph