Storylines containing “Black Colossus”

Bk 2Conan the CimmerianBlack Colossus
Bk 2/HCConan the CimmerianBlack Colossus
7Conan The Frazetta Cover SeriesBlack Colossus
8Conan the CimmerianBlack Colossus, Part 1; The Scorpion
9Conan the CimmerianBlack Colossus, Part 2; The Mercenary
10Conan the CimmerianBlack Colossus, Part 3; The Commander
11Conan the CimmerianBlack Colossus, Part 4; The Face on the Coin
12Conan the CimmerianBlack Colossus, Part 5; The Battle of Shamla Pass
13Conan the CimmerianBlack Colossus, Part 6; Black Altar
2Savage Sword of ConanBlack Colossus; Chronicles of the Sword (text), Part 1; Kingdoms of Dawn; Blackmark, Part 2; Beast from the Abyss
9Savage Sword (Robert E. Howard’s…)Conan: Den of the Pleasure Goddes; Sailor Steve Costigan: Paper Tiger; Conrad and Kirowan: A Book and It’s Cover, Part 2; Breckinridge Elkins: Mountain Mar, Part 3; Conan: Black Colossus
1Savage Sword of Conan (Dark Horse)The Frost Giant’s Daughter; Red Nails; The Lurker from the Catacombs (Red Nails, Part 2); He Comes from the Dark (Red Nails, Part 3); Night of the Demon God; The Dweller in the Dark; The Secret of Skull River!; Curse of the Undead-Man; Black Colossus; At the Mountain of the Moon-God; Demons of the Summit; Iron Shadows in the Moon; A Witch Shall Be Born; The Sleeper Beneath the Sands; People of the Dark; The Citadel at the Center of Time; The Forever Phial; Corsairs Against Stygia; Death Song of Conan the Cimmerian; The Curse of the Cat-Goddess; Conan the Conqueror
15Marvel Treasury EditionThe Song of Red Sonja; Night of the Dark God; Sonja Three; Black Colossus; Hordes of the Veiled One; Chariot of the Man-Demon; The Hyborian Age of Conan
15Marvel Treasury Edition (UK Edition)The Song of Red Sonya; Night of the Dark God; Three by Sonja; Black Colossus