Storylines containing “Blackbird”

2Hammer, TheA Field Of Blackbirds
8/ABatgirl & the Birds of PreyBlackbird, Part 1
8Batgirl & the Birds of PreyBlackbird, Part 1; Blackbird Sings
9Batgirl & the Birds of PreyBlackbird, Part 2
9/ABatgirl & the Birds of PreyBlackbird, Part 2
10Batgirl & the Birds of PreyBlackbird, Part 3
10/ABatgirl & the Birds of PreyBlackbird, Part 3
353Uncanny X-Men, TheBlackbirds
28Jon Sable, FreelanceBye, Bye, Blackbird
1Out of PictureNoche y Dia; Four & Twenty Blackbirds; Newsbreak; Floating Holidays; Silent Echoes; The Mermaid; The Wedding Present; Yes, I Can; Domesticity; Night School; Around the Corner
Anl 1981Starlord (IPC)Ro-busters; Earth Station One; Strange Lights In The Sky; Orbital Injury; Strontium Dog; Harrier-carrier!; Phantom Patrol; Take A Deep Breath; Are You A Starlord Superbrain?; Flying Wigs; War-torn Planet; Hail, Star-troopers!; Swallow—yesterday’s Plane Tomorrow; Hydrogen-powered Plane; Mind Wars; Feathered Friend; Pigship; Time-quake; The Death Of The Sun; Blackbird—your Pocket Rocket; The Train Now Landing On Platform 3; Colonising The Moon; Telephone Lines In Space; Scatter-craft Instellfed Striker!; The Sludge; Q-ship!; Ghost Hunter; Death Of Purple Twilight; Guinea Pig; Shuttle Is At Battle Stations
43BatmanThe Blackbird Of Banditry!; Next Stop - Danger!; Fast Ball (text); Porf. Pipp (2 pgs); The Four Horsemen of Crime!
37Limited Collectors’ EditionThe Cross-Country Crimes!; The Blackbird of Banditry!; Secrets of the Batcave; Robin’s Utility Belt; The Scarecrow!; puzzle: Wanted Batman’s Most Dangerous Foes; The Lady Rogues!; Batman’s Television Villains; activity: Table-Top Diorama
3Monarchy, TheVox Populi, Part 1; Blackbird