Storylines containing “Breakout”

Dlx 1Next Men (John Byrne’s…)2112; Prelude; Breakout; Worldview; Kill Factor; Boneyard; Survivor; Dominoes; Parallel, Part 1–5
1Ditko Collection, TheAngel, Money, The Community U.N., The Defenders, Violence: The Phoney Issue, Middle of the Road, The Breakout, Chapterplay, When Is a Man to Be Judged Evil?, H Series Part One, H Series Part Two, The Polluters, Right to Kill, J Series
9AzraelAzrael on the Run, Part 1; Breakout
14Real StuffBe Prepared; Breakout; The Model; Dinner with Larry; Boxholder; Sitting Duck
18Fantastic Four (Vol. 3)Bedlam Breakout
103Sgt. FuryBerlin Breakout
35Sgt. FuryBerlin Breakout!
137Sgt. FuryBerlin Breakout!
2BrigadeBlood Brothers, Part 3; Breakout
2/ABrigadeBlood Brothers, Part 3; Breakout
2/AshBrigadeBlood Brothers, Part 3; Breakout
681Battle Picture LibraryBreakout
1153Battle Picture LibraryBreakout
340Captain America (1st Series)Breakout
15Fury of Firestorm, TheBreakout
1Marvel Must Haves: New Avengers #1-3Breakout
Bk 1New AvengersBreakout
Bk 1/HCNew AvengersBreakout
1Next Men (John Byrne’s…)Breakout
1-2Next Men (John Byrne’s…)Breakout
9Outsiders (2nd Series)Breakout
3/ASoulfire (Michael Turner’s…,Vol. 2)Breakout
3/BSoulfire (Michael Turner’s…,Vol. 2)Breakout
3/CSoulfire (Michael Turner’s…,Vol. 2)Breakout
Bk 1Spider-Man: BreakoutBreakout
5Superboy (5th Series)Breakout
3Beavis & Butt-HeadBreakout at Burger World!; Fudge Factory!
29Weird Western TalesBreakout at Fort Charlotte
13Combat (Dell)Breakout at St. Lo; Lt. Norman Prince (tex); Escape! Leap for Life
39Combat (Dell)Breakout at St. Lo; Lt. Norman Prince (tex); Escape! Leap for Life
84Savage Dragon, TheBreakout from Command D
274Battle Picture LibraryBreakout!
1549Battle Picture LibraryBreakout!
4General Mills Presents: Justice LeagueBreakout!
91Iron Man (1st Series)Breakout!
91Iron Man (UK Edition)Breakout!
4Justice League: General Mills PresentsBreakout!
65Legion of Super-Heroes (4th Series)Breakout!
1Silver Surfer: Break OutBreakout!
3Weapon Zero (Vol. 2)Breakout!
3Marvel Heroes Flip MagazineBreakout!, Part 3; Out of Time, Part 3
4Marvel Heroes Flip MagazineBreakout!, Part 4; Out of Time, Part 4
5Marvel Heroes Flip MagazineBreakout!, Part 5; Out of Time, Part 5
6Marvel Heroes Flip MagazineBreakout!, Part 6; Out of Time, Part 6
9Justice League 3000Breakout!; Need for Speed!
2Marvel Heroes Flip MagazineBreakout!; Out of Time
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