Storylines containing “Changes”

Bk 1Radiant Black(Not So) Secret Origin; Better Off Red; Writing Day; Everything Changes; Aftermath; The Unleashed: Echoes of Sorrow, Part 1; Red; The Unleashed: Echoes Of Sorrow, Part 2; Cover Gallery
15Heavy Metal1996, Part 13; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 6; Barbarella, Part 5; Colonization; Evolution; Fable; Galactic Geographic, Part 4; Heilman, Part 1; More Than Human, Part 1; New Tales of the Arabian Nights: Shaherazade; Report V.I.; Sabre; Them Changes
16Little Lotta FoodlandA Star is Bored; Oh, What a Knight; Little Dot: Daffy Over Dots; The Runaway (text story); The New Citizen (text story); The Big Shrimp; A Lark in the Park; Soft Soap; Richie Rich: First Date; The Scene Changes (text story); Royal Affair (text story); The Story of Lotsa Beef
48Heavy MetalAmbassador of the Shadows, Part 3; Bloodstar, Part 4; Changes, Part 11; Edward in Love; The Empire Grows Back; Fear Not Your Enemies; The Man With the Suitcase; Milady 3000; Rock Opera, Part 15; Salammbo; Tex Arcana, Part 1; What is Reality, Papa?, Part 4
49Heavy MetalAmbassador of the Shadows, Part 4; Art and the Nazis; Bloodstar, Part 5; Changes, Part 12; Dangerous Curves; Good-Bye, Soldier; Rock Opera, Part 16; Stories from London; Tex Arcana, Part 2; What is Reality, Papa?, Part 5
75Archie Digest MagazineArchie: Belate Fate; Jughead: The High and Mighty; Betty and Veronica; The High Price of Health; Li’l Jinx: Nothing Doing; Jughead: China Bound; Reggie: Volunteer Jeer; Li’l Jinx: Gift Zipped; Archie: Repeat Treat; Betty and Veronica: Skull Session; Archie: Second Site; Jughead: Mind Over Platter; Jughead: Strong Medicine; Josie: Honesty Pays; My Fair Jughead; Archie: The Top Ten; Betty: Going To the Dogs; Betty: Minute Rice; Li’l Jinx Pal Fat Charley: Lose Views!; Jughead: Hey Look Me Over; Archie: A Head For Figures; Sabrina: Double Date; Archie: Anchors Away; Jughead Dipsy Doodles: Come Clean; Betty and Veronica: The Big Blow Up; Archie; Memorandumb; Jughead: The Candy Man; Betty and Veronica: It was Tough; Archie: The Sellout; Mort the Worry Wart: Career Wise; Betty: Phlox of Changes; Jughead: Wing-Dinger; Jughead: Beasties of the Night; Trial and Error; Jughead: Shop Talk; Archie: The Error of His Ways
44Heavy MetalAwaken; Blind Citadel; The Bookshelf; The Bus, Part 13; Changes, Part 9; Comix, Part 10; Comix International; Flix, Part 10; Interference; Little Tiny Comics, Part 3
437BatmanBatman Year 3, Part 2; Changes Made
7Warhawks Comics ModuleBattle of Britain, Part 1; Turn and Face The Strange Changes
45Heavy MetalBloodstar, Part 1; The Bus, Part 14; Changes, Part 10; Comix, Part 11; T
501Astonishing ExcitementCaptain Soft: When Titans Clash!; Sandwich High: Everything Changes; Tricky and Nuby: Prologue…
1Morning StarCatharsis OR Everything Changes
12H-E-R-O (DC)Ch- Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes, Part 1
13H-E-R-O (DC)Ch- Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes, Part 2
14H-E-R-O (DC)Ch- Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes, Part 3
269Blackhawk (1st Series)Changes
16Ghost Rider (Vol. 2)Changes
4/ANu WayChanges
4/BNu WayChanges
9Planet of the Apes (2nd series)Changes
98Superman (2nd Series)Changes
70Green Lantern (3rd Series)Changes for Green Lantern
4Before Watchmen: Dr. ManhattanChanges in Perspective
4/ABefore Watchmen: Dr. ManhattanChanges In Perspective
4/BBefore Watchmen: Dr. ManhattanChanges In Perspective
36Wonder Woman (2nd Series)Changes in the Wind
44Countdown (DC)Changes of Address; History of the Multiverse, Part 6
MC 3Outside (Symplectic)Changes Part One, Isecurity; An Evening Out
MC 4Outside (Symplectic)Changes Part Two; Friendly Fire
1Doctor Who (Grant Morrison’s…)Changes, Episode 1; Changes, Episode 2; Culture Shock!
1/ADoctor Who (Grant Morrison’s…)Changes, Episode 1; Changes, Episode 2; Culture Shock!
33SupremeChanges, Part 1
17Spectacular Spider-Man (2nd Series)Changes, Part 1; Under My Skin
18Spectacular Spider-Man (2nd Series)Changes, Part 2
34SupremeChanges, Part 2
19Spectacular Spider-Man (2nd Series)Changes, Part 3
35SupremeChanges, Part 3; Extreme Destroyer, Part 7
20Spectacular Spider-Man (2nd Series)Changes, Part 4
36SupremeChanges, Part 4
43Heavy MetalChanges, Part 8; Comix, Part 9; Flix,
25Justice (Marvel)Changes; The Real Me
18Jem & the HologramsCh-Ch-Changes, Part 2
18/AJem & the HologramsCh-Ch-Changes, Part 2
17Jem & the HologramsCh-Ch-Changes, Part1
17/AJem & the HologramsCh-Ch-Changes, Part1
17/BJem & the HologramsCh-Ch-Changes, Part1
12’mazing ManCh-Ch-Changes; 30
4Fist of JusticeCh-Ch-Ch-Changes
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