Storylines containing “Citizen Kang”

Anl 11Captain America (1st Series)Citizen Kang, Part 1; An Epic Adventure; Captain America’s Top Ten Villains; Test Flight; Birth of a Warlord
1Avengers: Citizen KangCitizen Kang, Part 1; An Epic Adventure; The Hammer, the Cross—and the Eye; Twice Upon a Time…; Kang’s World; Kang, Part 1; Birth of a Warlord; Paradise Lost; A Hall of Mirrors; The Puzzle; Captain America’s Top Ten Villains; Profile: Captain America’s Shield; Profile: Captain America’s Jet; Falcon: Test Flight
Anl 17ThorCitizen Kang, Part 2; The Hammer, the Cross and The Eye; The Ten Most Heinous Enemies of the Mighty Thor!; Looking for Trouble!; Paradise Lost
Anl 25Fantastic Four (Vol. 1)Citizen Kang, Part 3; Twice Upon a Time; The Top Ten Villains of the Fantastic Four; This Monster!; Moondragon and Mantis: Duel of Pride!; Kang: A Hall of Mirrors
Anl 21Avengers, TheCitizen Kang, Part 4; Kang’s World; Chronopolis; The Avengers Top Ten Villains; Secrets Of The Avengers Communicard; Boys’ Night Out; The Puzzle